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Born in Melbourne, Australia, Sheean is a versatile writer/director with a background in stop-motion animation, SFX make-up, and cinematography. These broad and diverse skills have made Sheean an inventive storyteller, adept at finding unique solutions from the screenplay through to the finished film.

His films have screened and won prizes at numerous international film festivals including Sundance, Berlin, Telluride, Chicago, and Hawaii International. Sheean made his feature debut with ERRORS OF THE HUMAN BODY in 2013, set within the mysterious world of genetic engineering and developed at the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics in Germany. Errors premiered at the Fantasia Film Festival to critical acclaim and screened at numerous others, including Melbourne International, Rio International, Rotterdam and Fantastic Fest, Austin. ERRORS was released theatrically in the US through IFC films in 2013, with releases in the UK, Germany, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand and more territories followed.

Sheean formerly headed up development at Instinctive Films GmbH for five years in Berlin, Germany, where he co-wrote the feature film THE DIVIDE for Xavier Gens (Frontier(s), Hitman), and was co-producer and 2nd unit director. He also wrote the screenplay COLD SKIN, a period monster movie, for Babieka Films in Spain, premiering at Sitges 2017 and starring Ray Stevenson and David Oakes. He is currently working on the screenplay for SUPERPOSITION,  for director Richard Raaphorst and Holland Harbour productions.

His new short film THE ROCK OF AGES, an epic black comedy was shot in Iceland, and is currently touring the international film festivals, having screened at Reykjavik International Film Festival and Sitges and won the award for best short film at Monsterfest in Melbourne. The film was also featured on 'Short Of  The Week'. Sheean is currently in post on another short film called THE SHORE, a personal B&W film set in the 1940’s and starring his son Walter Sheean and the Dutch actress Sanne Vogel. Sheean is developing a number of original screenplays for his future feature projects, as well as working for a variety of production companies as a screenwriter and director for hire.



THE ROCK OF AGES- 2021 / 2022

Fantaspoa -  Brazil

Sitges Film Festival (Spain) 2021 

Reykjavik International Film Festival (Iceland) 2021 - local premiere 

Fantaspoa International Fantastic Film Festival of Porto Alegre (Brazil) 2022 

HÕFF Haapsalu Horror and Fantasy Film Festival (Estonia) 2022 

Fanta Festival (Italy) 2022 

L'Étrange Flm Festival (France) 2022

Lund Fantastic Film Festival (Sweden) 2022

Leeds International Film Festival (UK) 2022

Film Quest (USA) 2022

Shock Fest (USA) 2022

Court Metrange Film Festival (France) 2022

Fantasy Film Fest (Germany – touring seven cities) 2022

Morbido (Mexico) 2022

Imagine Film Festival (Netherlands) 2022

Festival de Cortos de Bogotá – BOGOSHORTS (Columbia) 2022

Another Hole in the Head Film Festival (USA) 2022

Monster Fest (Australia) 2022

Lund Fantastic Fest (Sweden) 2022

Festival Rojo Sangre (Argentina) 2022


Fantasia Film festival – Montreal

Melbourne International Film Festival 

Frightfest - London 

Transatlantyk International Film & Music Festival - Poland 

Festival do Rio - Rio de Janeiro Int`l Film Festival 

Fantastic Fest  - Austin

Raindance - UK 

Lund Fantasy Film Fest – Sweden 

Telluride Horror Show - US 

Jönköping film festival – Sweden 

29th Annual Olympia Film Festival -  Washington 

Canberra International Film Festival 

Cockatoo Island FF - Sydeny

Brisbane International Film Festival 

Razor Reel Fantastic Film Festival - Belgium 

SCI-FI-LONDON Film Festival 

Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre 

Abertoir Film Festival-  Wales 

Science+Fiction, Trieste International Science Fiction Festival – Italy 

Fancine, Malaga -  Spain 

International Filmfest Rotterdam 

Fantaspoa -  Brazil


WILLIAM - 2006/2007

SUNDANCE film festival. USA. 

Melbourne International Film Festival. Australia. 

Flicker Fest. Australia. 

Dresden International Film Festival. Germany. 

St Kilda Film Festival. Australia. 

Palmsprings. USA. 

Montreal first people’s festival. Canada. 

ATOM awards. Australia. 

Brisbane International Film Festival. Australia. 

Revelations. Australia 


FISH - 2005/2006 

Berlin International Film Festival. Panorama. 

Melbourne International Film Festival. Australia. 

Hawaii International Film Festival. 

CORK International Film Festival. Ireland. 

IMAGO International Film Festival. Portugal. 

Brisbane International Film Festival. 


Flicker Fest. Australia. 

Sydney Film Festival. Australia. Dendy Awards. 

St Kilda Film Festival. Australia. 

LA shorts fest. USA. 

Palm Springs International Film Festival. USA 


BING - 2002/2004 

Melbourne International Film Festival. Australia. 

Telluride International Film Festival. USA. 

Chicago International Film Festival. USA. 

Hawaii International Film Festival. USA. 

Palm Springs International Film Festival. USA. 

Flickerfest International Film Festival. Australia. 

Dresden International Film Festival. Germany. 

St Kilda Film Festival. Australia. 

Commonwealth Film Festival. UK. 

Message to Man Film Festival. Russia. 

Bilboa Film Festival. Spain. 

Melbourne Comedy Festival. 

Los Angeles Cinematheque. USA.


FLEDGLING - 1999/2001

Dresden Film festival. German.

Humboldt Film Festival. USA. 

St Kilda Short Film Festival. Australia. 

Anima Mundia Animation Festival. Brazil. 

Cinema Jose Film Festival. Spain. 

Message to Man Film Festival. St Petersburg. 

Sitges Film Fest. Spain. 

Chicago Underground Film Fest. USA. 

Palm Springs Film Fest. USA. 

Watch My Shorts. Australia. 

Slamdance Film Festival. USA. 

Side On Screenings. Sydney, Australia. 

Melbourne Fringe Festival 2000. 

Archive program entitled ‘Otherworlds’. New York City. 

Slamdance 2001 Anarchy Semi Finalist Screening. USA. 

Moscow film festival. Australian program. 

Annecy 2003. Australian retrospective program. 



Monsterfest (Australia) winner best short film 'THE ROCK OF AGES'

Shock Fest (USA) 2022 nominated for best fantasy short 'THE ROCK OF AGES'

Trieste science + fiction winner jury prize for best film ‘ERRORS OF THE HUMAN BODY’ 

Next wave best actor award for Michael Eklund for ‘ERRORS OF THE HUMAN BODY’ 

Flickerfest Sydney SBS Television Award ‘WILLIAM’

Montreal first people’s festival - TEUEIKAN GRAND PRIZE, Best film & Cinematography ‘WILLIAM’

ATOM awards, Australia - Best Short fiction ‘WILLIAM’

Melbourne International Film Festival - Winner Emerging Australian Director ‘FISH’

 Sydney Film Festival - Nominated for a DENDY award ‘FISH’ 

Dresden International Film Festival, Germany - Winner best sound ‘BING’

Melbourne Comedy Festival - Winner best use of postproduction ‘BING’

St Kilda Film Festival - Winner best sound ‘BING’

Slamdance Online Festival, USA - Winner Best Film ‘FLEDGING’

Melbourne Fringe Festival - 2nd prize for best film ‘FLEDGLING’ 

 - Served on the international jury film fest Dresden 2008 

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